Commit 3893cbbc authored by Roberto Oliveira's avatar Roberto Oliveira
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community/geany-plugins: upgrade to 1.33

plugin GeanyLaTeX was renamed to latex
parent 02eac000
# Contributor: Natanael Copa <>
# Maintainer: Natanael Copa <>
pkgdesc="Plugins for Geany"
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ subpackages="$pkgname-dev $pkgname-doc
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ geanyctags() { _plugin geanyctags "Generate and query ctags files for a Geany pr
geanydoc() { _plugin geanydoc "Call documentation from within Geany"; }
geanyextrasel() { _plugin geanyextrasel "Additional features for selecting code"; }
geanyinsertnum() { _plugin geanyinsertnum "Insert huge number ranges with small efforts"; }
geanylatex() { _plugin geanylatex "LaTeX support for Geany"; }
latex() { _plugin latex "LaTeX support for Geany"; }
geanylua() { _plugin geanylua "Lua Scripting for Geany"; }
geanymacro() { _plugin geanymacro "User defined Macros for Geany"; }
geanyminiscript() { _plugin geanyminiscript "Geany Mini-Script filter plugin"; }
......@@ -151,4 +151,4 @@ xmlsnippets() { _plugin xmlsnippets "Extends XML/HTML tag autocompletion provide
workbench() { _plugin workbench "Support for multiple projects"; }
keyrecord() { _plugin keyrecord "Record a sequence of keystrokes and replay it"; }
sha512sums="ec45786cbee48673f78a11e179753e5fc5b6c520221434c9410af3f5a3a320b4dd02d90d850758ad1b0555e245c96d3fc2426c859cdc95d1aa5258e0d1ce7162 geany-plugins-1.32.tar.bz2"
sha512sums="62a3aec1f90e51ef48f6967e4889a8856e1b1a2c563af33b107010fc64188d6121f6ad256b263435d563f9615d8c6200729db7e765973184d4f2be3ac2e74284 geany-plugins-1.33.tar.bz2"
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