Commit 24a5da12 authored by Jack Schmidt's avatar Jack Schmidt Committed by Sören Tempel

scripts/ ghc moved from testing to community

Commit 3b5707d3 moved ghc from
testing to community, but was not updated.
parent 8a49128a
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ for PKG in fortify-headers linux-headers musl libc-dev pkgconf zlib \
attr libcap patch sudo acl fakeroot tar \
pax-utils abuild openssh \
ncurses libcap-ng util-linux lvm2 popt xz cryptsetup kmod lddtree mkinitfs \
community/go libffi testing/ghc \
community/go libffi community/ghc \
CHOST=$TARGET_ARCH BOOTSTRAP=bootimage APKBUILD=$(apkbuildname $PKG) abuild -r
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