Commit 10799b57 authored by William Johansson's avatar William Johansson Committed by Natanael Copa

scripts: Fix kernel name in Xen BIOS boot

Apply missing changes from f92a41f7

Also remove unused variable
parent 1de7c3fe
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ syslinux_gen_config() {
echo "PROMPT ${syslinux_prompt:-1}"
echo "DEFAULT ${kernel_flavors%% *}"
local _f _kf
local _f
for _f in $kernel_flavors; do
if [ -z "${xen_params+set}" ]; then
cat <<- EOF
......@@ -110,14 +110,14 @@ syslinux_gen_config() {
MENU LABEL Xen/Linux $_f
KERNEL /boot/syslinux/mboot.c32
APPEND /boot/xen.gz ${xen_params} --- /boot/vmlinuz$_kf $initfs_cmdline $kernel_cmdline --- /boot/initramfs-$_f
APPEND /boot/xen.gz ${xen_params} --- /boot/vmlinuz-$_f $initfs_cmdline $kernel_cmdline --- /boot/initramfs-$_f
grub_gen_config() {
local _f _kf
local _f
echo "set timeout=2"
for _f in $kernel_flavors; do
if [ -z "${xen_params+set}" ]; then
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