Commit 05f9193c authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa

main/nfdump: fix checksums

parent 7f6a9e1d
......@@ -45,5 +45,5 @@ package() {
md5sums="a5ab5657da78f0f57ac7d29f31883949 nfdump-1.6.4.tar.gz
d525c691a62a5746c581f5e9776ed866 nfcapd.confd
d2b60619e18120af68771f3b866177e8 nfcapd.initd"
541c45b9ac0e85ac955dd58919972b18 nfcapd.confd
b084778684f622eb705980e500ec346b nfcapd.initd"
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