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    main/luajit: switch to OpenResty's maintained branch · c12fb28e
    Jakub Jirutka authored
    The MoonJIT fork is unmaintained since September 2020 [1]:
    > This code base does not have an active maintainer anymore, please
    > read this [Twitter thread][2] to know more. If you are an existing
    > contributor (or otherwise have an interest in maintaining this
    > project actively) then please email me using the email address in
    > my Twitter profile.
    Moreover, the transition from original LuaJIT to MoonJIT caused multiple
    compatibility and stability issues, mainly with Lua NGINX module
    (#12410, #10478), but also with some Lua packages written in C (segfaults).
    I wanted to switch back to the original (Mike's) LuaJIT, the latest revision
    from the v2.1 branch. The problem is that it doesn't support ppc64le and
    s390x. The existing patches don't apply anymore and I really don't have
    enough knowledge and insanity in blood to update them. Dropping these
    architectures would require updating many dependent aports which is not
    a good idea at this moment (v3.14 will be released very soon).
    OpenResty's "fork" seems to be the only active LuaJIT fork that regularly
    synchronize changes from the upstream LuaJIT project and provides support
    for all architectures we need.
    > This is the official OpenResty branch of LuaJIT. It is not to be
    > considered a fork, since we still regularly synchronize changes from the
    > upstream LuaJIT project
    Patches CVE-2020-15890 and 20-src-lib_string are already included in the
    OpenResty's branch.
    Resolves #12410 #10478
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