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    main/busybox: properly fix wget https support · 1d0560a9
    Natanael Copa authored
    fix busybox wget https support by using an external ssl_client helper
    for https.
    Disable the use of external openssl. This was fixed to check
    certificates as a temporary solution. openssl can not produce any useful
    error messages on certificate errors. It is big. So we simply disable
    its use.
    For dynamic busybox we disable the internal ssl_client and the internal
    (broken) tls code, and build our own ssl_client which properly verifies
    the certificates.
    For the static busybox we enable the internal ssl_client and tls code,
    but we only allow its use with --no-check-certificates. This is so we
    still can fetch things from https in an emergency situation.
    We auto-install ssl_client if both libssl and busybox are installed. This
    is to keep backwards compatibility.
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