Commit 5c4b90df authored by Sören Tempel's avatar Sören Tempel Committed by Ariadne Conill

list: fix segmentation fault with virtual packages

Virtual packages have the origin pointer set to NULL. Trying to print it
using the BLOB_PRINTF macros causes a segmentation fault.

Inspired by the `print_origin_name` function from `src/search.c` this
commit attempts to fix it by checking whether `pkg->origin` is NULL
before attempting to print it. If it is NULL the pkg name is printed

Since printing the pkg name requires a different format string this
commit splits the printf call for printing the package line into
multiple ones. The output format shouldn't have changed at all though.
parent 66859097
......@@ -101,9 +101,15 @@ static const struct apk_package *is_upgradable(struct apk_name *name, const stru
static void print_package(const struct apk_package *pkg, const struct list_ctx *ctx)
printf(PKG_VER_FMT " " BLOB_FMT " {" BLOB_FMT "} (" BLOB_FMT ")",
PKG_VER_PRINTF(pkg), BLOB_PRINTF(*pkg->arch), BLOB_PRINTF(*pkg->origin),
printf(PKG_VER_FMT " " BLOB_FMT " ",
PKG_VER_PRINTF(pkg), BLOB_PRINTF(*pkg->arch));
if (pkg->origin != NULL)
printf("{" BLOB_FMT "}", BLOB_PRINTF(*pkg->origin));
printf("{%s}", pkg->name->name);
printf(" (" BLOB_FMT ")", BLOB_PRINTF(*pkg->license));
if (pkg->ipkg)
printf(" [installed]");
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