Commit 594bc1fb authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

fetch: print additional error diagnostics in verbose mode

(cherry picked from commit 97d8aab0)
parent ee3740fc
......@@ -242,12 +242,15 @@ static void mark_name_recursive(struct apk_database *db, const char *match, stru
*apk_dependency_array_add(&world) = dep;
r = apk_solver_solve(db, 0, world, &changeset);
if (r == 0) {
foreach_array_item(change, changeset.changes)
mark_package(ctx, change->new_pkg);
} else
} else {
mark_error(ctx, match, name);
if (apk_verbosity > 1)
apk_solver_print_errors(db, &changeset, world);
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