Commit 2da67940 authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

url: add "Cache-Control: no-cache" header with --force-refresh

fixes #8161
parent 039ff3bd
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ static struct apk_istream *apk_istream_fetch(const char *url, time_t since)
if (!fis || !u) goto err;
u->last_modified = since;
io = fetchXGet(u, &fis->urlstat, "i");
io = fetchXGet(u, &fis->urlstat, (apk_force & APK_FORCE_REFRESH) ? "Ci" : "i");
if (!io) {
rc = fetch_maperror(fetchLastErrCode);
goto err;
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