1. 19 Jun, 2013 8 commits
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      fetch, del: perform wildcard matching · 9c54ef72
      Timo Teräs authored
      ref #511
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      solver: add logic: transitive provides exclusion · a984fd36
      Timo Teräs authored
      If name N is required, and all providers of A also provide B, it
      means that only instances of B can be selected that provide N. This
      is strong help with cases when so:libfoo.so.1 is updated to
      so:libfoo.so.2 and not everything is recompiled.
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      apk: set automatic flags before parsing the opts · 956bd5f0
      Natanael Copa authored
      Otherwise we cannot override with --no-progress
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      print: move progress bar update logic to apk_print_progress · adc5b0b1
      Natanael Copa authored
      - let the apk_print functions deal with the forced print itself. We
        avoid that the callbacks need to deal with the force flag. We can
        also get rid of the APK_PRINT_PROGRESS_* defines.
      - let the reader of --progress-fd decide how often things are updated
        rather than having a fixed granularity off 1/100 (percent)
      - avoid detect screen size and percent/bar calculations in case the
        --no-progress was given
      - track satistics for both the ascii bar and percent info and update bar
        only if either percent or bar changes. This makes the bar go smoother
        when width is wider than 100 chars and it makes the percent counter
        go smooth when screen width is less thann 100 chars. It also
        simplifies the callbacks as they no longer need to deal with update
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      print: percent arg for process_fd is integer · 0e9d67ae
      Natanael Copa authored
      With commit 0a131418 the percent
      variable became an integer instead of size_t. We fix the format
      modifier accordingly.
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      dot: new option: --installed · 8c425a1e
      Timo Teräs authored
      to consider only installed packages
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      upgrade: new option: --latest (-l) · d315c901
      Timo Teräs authored
      Select latest version of package (if it is not pinned), and print
      error if it cannot be installed due to other dependencies.
      Together with --available, it selects the latest package which is
      present at least in some repository.
      This also fixes few solver issues with ordering of package selection
      that got quite apparent with this flag. Namely, we cannot "lock"
      a package until it's reverse dependencies are locked or not all of
      the solver flags are propagated properly.
  2. 18 Jun, 2013 8 commits
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  4. 15 Jun, 2013 2 commits
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      pkg: apk_pkg_foreach_* add matching generation · f79e3946
      Timo Teräs authored
      So same package it is possible to not match same package multiple
      times. Use generation count, so this is handled cleanly during
      recursion, like in the use case of search applet.
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      lua: use apk_dep_analyze · 5b02400b
      Timo Teräs authored
      and remove the now unused apk_dep_is_materialized_or_provided
      which was superceded by apk_dep_analyze.
  5. 14 Jun, 2013 3 commits
  6. 13 Jun, 2013 11 commits