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      libfetch: support TCP_CORK · 271047cc
      Timo Teräs authored
      Unfortunately libfetch operates on raw sockets and is sending
      each HTTP request line using separate syscall which causes the
      HTTP request to be sent as multiple packets over the wire in most
      configurations. This is not good for performance, but can also
      cause subtle breakage if there's DPI firewall that does not get
      the Host header.
      Incidentally, it seems that on BSDs libfetch already sets
      TCP_NOPUSH optimize the packetization. This commit adds same
      logic for using TCP_CORK if available. When using TCP_CORK
      there is no requirement to set TCP_NODELAY as uncorking will
      also cause immediate send. Keep TCP_NODELAY in the fallback
      Long term, it might make sense to replace or rewrite libfetch
      to use application level buffering.
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