Commit d8b1b851 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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fetch: use lstat to verify filesize on existing targets

since we dont verify the checksum we dont need to calculate it
Speed up when you try fetch lots of stuff thats already there.
parent 0dfc53b0
......@@ -61,14 +61,13 @@ static int fetch_package(struct fetch_ctx *fctx,
int i, r, fd;
if (!(fctx->flags & FETCH_STDOUT)) {
struct apk_file_info fi;
struct stat st;
snprintf(outfile, sizeof(outfile), "%s/%s-%s.apk",
fctx->outdir ? fctx->outdir : ".",
pkg->name->name, pkg->version);
if (apk_file_get_info(outfile, &fi) == 0 &&
fi.size == pkg->size)
if (lstat(outfile, &st) == 0 && st.st_size == pkg->size)
return 0;
apk_message("Downloading %s-%s", pkg->name->name, pkg->version);
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