Commit bfa39f6b authored by Dubiousjim's avatar Dubiousjim Committed by Timo Teräs
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fix: improve usage

Acked-by: Natanael Copa's avatarNatanael Copa <>
parent fbc4d912
......@@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ static int fix_main(void *pctx, struct apk_database *db, struct apk_string_array
static struct apk_option fix_options[] = {
{ 'd', "depends", "Fix all dependencies too" },
{ 'u', "upgrade", "Upgrade package if possible" },
{ 'r', "reinstall", "Reinstall the package" },
{ 'r', "reinstall", "Reinstall the package (default)" },
{ 'u', "upgrade", "Prefer to upgrade package" },
{ 0x10000, "directory-permissions", "Reset all directory permissions" },
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