Commit 8b317678 authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs
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db: --simulate never needs write access to db

So open the db in read-only mode instead. This allows --simulate to
be run as non-root user.
parent 3062d681
......@@ -1037,6 +1037,10 @@ int apk_db_open(struct apk_database *db, struct apk_db_options *dbopts)
int r, rr = 0;
memset(db, 0, sizeof(*db));
if (apk_flags & APK_SIMULATE) {
dbopts->open_flags &= ~(APK_OPENF_CREATE | APK_OPENF_WRITE);
dbopts->open_flags |= APK_OPENF_READ;
if (dbopts->open_flags == 0) {
msg = "Invalid open flags (internal error)";
r = -1;
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