Commit 89242538 authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs
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add: allow specifying a version for --virtual package

fixes #10835
parent 1be0510c
......@@ -42,7 +42,9 @@ following options:
*-t, --virtual* _NAME_
Create virtual package _NAME_ with given dependencies. This new package
will get the _packages_ as dependencies instead of _world_. Finally the
_NAME_ is added to _world_.
_NAME_ is added to _world_. An optional version specifier for the virtual
package can be given via syntax _NAME_=_VERSION_. The version defaults
to synthesized version based on time.
One can use this to ensure that selected set of packages are installed,
and later the temporary modification be undone with *apk-del*(8) _NAME_
......@@ -77,32 +77,26 @@ static int non_repository_check(struct apk_database *db)
return 1;
static struct apk_package *create_virtual_package(struct apk_database *db, struct apk_name *name)
static struct apk_package *create_virtual_package(struct apk_database *db, struct apk_dependency *dep)
char ver[32];
struct apk_package *virtpkg;
struct tm tm;
EVP_MD_CTX *mdctx;
time_t now = time(NULL);
pid_t pid = getpid();
gmtime_r(&now, &tm);
strftime(ver, sizeof ver, "%Y%m%d.%H%M%S", &tm);
virtpkg = apk_pkg_new();
if (virtpkg == NULL) return 0;
virtpkg->name = name;
virtpkg->version = apk_atomize_dup(&db->atoms, APK_BLOB_STR(ver));
virtpkg->name = dep->name;
virtpkg->version = dep->version;
virtpkg->description = strdup("virtual meta package");
virtpkg->arch = apk_atomize(&db->atoms, APK_BLOB_STR("noarch"));
virtpkg->repos |= BIT(APK_REPOSITORY_CACHED);
mdctx = EVP_MD_CTX_new();
EVP_DigestInit_ex(mdctx, apk_checksum_default(), NULL);
EVP_DigestUpdate(mdctx, &tm, sizeof tm);
EVP_DigestUpdate(mdctx, &pid, sizeof pid);
EVP_DigestUpdate(mdctx, virtpkg->name->name, strlen(virtpkg->name->name) + 1);
EVP_DigestUpdate(mdctx, dep->version->ptr, dep->version->len);
virtpkg->csum.type = EVP_MD_CTX_size(mdctx);
EVP_DigestFinal_ex(mdctx, virtpkg->, NULL);
......@@ -110,6 +104,17 @@ static struct apk_package *create_virtual_package(struct apk_database *db, struc
return virtpkg;
static apk_blob_t *generate_version(struct apk_database *db)
char ver[32];
struct tm tm;
time_t now = time(NULL);
gmtime_r(&now, &tm);
strftime(ver, sizeof ver, "%Y%m%d.%H%M%S", &tm);
return apk_atomize_dup(&db->atoms, APK_BLOB_STR(ver));
static int add_main(void *ctx, struct apk_database *db, struct apk_string_array *args)
struct add_ctx *actx = (struct add_ctx *) ctx;
......@@ -127,23 +132,33 @@ static int add_main(void *ctx, struct apk_database *db, struct apk_string_array
if (actx->virtpkg) {
apk_blob_t b = APK_BLOB_STR(actx->virtpkg);
apk_blob_pull_dep(&b, db, &virtdep);
if (APK_BLOB_IS_NULL(b) || virtdep.conflict ||
virtdep.result_mask != APK_DEPMASK_ANY ||
virtdep.version != &apk_atom_null) {
(>name[0] != '.' && non_repository_check(db)))
goto bad_spec;
switch (virtdep.result_mask) {
if (virtdep.version != &apk_atom_null) goto bad_spec;
virtdep.result_mask = APK_VERSION_EQUAL;
virtdep.version = generate_version(db);
if (virtdep.version == &apk_atom_null) goto bad_spec;
apk_error("%s: bad package specifier", actx->virtpkg);
return -1;
if (>name[0] != '.' && non_repository_check(db))
return -1;
virtpkg = create_virtual_package(db,;
virtpkg = create_virtual_package(db, &virtdep);
if (!virtpkg) {
apk_error("Failed to allocate virtual meta package");
return -1;
virtdep.result_mask = APK_VERSION_EQUAL;
virtdep.version = virtpkg->version;
if (!args->num) apk_warning("creating empty virtual package");
foreach_array_item(parg, args) {
......@@ -2,5 +2,6 @@
add -t .virtual
WARNING: creating empty virtual package
(1/1) Installing .virtual (20190603.131426)
OK: 0 MiB in 0 packages
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