Commit 7703f981 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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info: add size and webpage to usage

parent 378ae7b0
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ static struct option info_options[] = {
static struct apk_applet apk_info = {
.name = "info",
.usage = "[-L|--contents] [-e|--installed] [-W|--who-owns] [-R|--depends]\n"
"\t\t[-r|--rdepends] PACKAGE...",
"\t\t[-r|--rdepends] [-w|--webage] [-s|--size] PACKAGE...",
.context_size = sizeof(struct info_ctx),
.num_options = ARRAY_SIZE(info_options),
.options = info_options,
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