Commit 528156a9 authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

solver: do not backtrack over "exclude none"

Otherwise we can return no solution at all instead of partially
satisfied solution (and give proper error message).
parent 93bd3057
......@@ -971,8 +971,15 @@ static int next_branch(struct apk_solver_state *ss)
d->name->ss.backjump_enabled = 0;
backjump_name = NULL;
if (d->backup_until && backup_until > d->backup_until)
if (d->backup_until && d->backup_until < backup_until) {
backup_until = d->backup_until;
/* We can't backtrack over the immediate
* EXCLUDE decisions, as they are in a sense
* part of the bundle. */
while (backup_until < ss->num_decisions &&
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