Commit 123226ba authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs
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db: load cache's installed index only if cache is active

other wise cache_fd points to var/lib/apk and contains the real
installed db causing it to be loaded twice.
parent ea901526
......@@ -749,12 +749,14 @@ static int apk_db_read_state(struct apk_database *db, int flags)
bs->close(bs, NULL);
if (apk_db_cache_active(db)) {
bs = apk_bstream_from_file(db->cache_fd, "installed");
if (bs != NULL) {
apk_db_index_read(db, bs, -2);
bs->close(bs, NULL);
if (!(flags & APK_OPENF_NO_SCRIPTS)) {
is = apk_istream_from_file(db->root_fd, "var/lib/apk/scripts.tar");
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