Commit 0e450c5f authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs
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add: use default arch instead of noarch, improve errors

Packages without architecture should get the platforms default
architecture (so we are backwards compatible). Only the virtual
packages should get 'noarch' by default. Also print full path
to the index file which failed.
parent d6a40aae
......@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ static int add_main(void *ctx, struct apk_database *db, int argc, char **argv)
apk_checksum_default(), &virtpkg->csum);
virtpkg->version = apk_blob_atomize(APK_BLOB_STR("0"));
virtpkg->description = strdup("virtual meta package");
virtpkg->arch = apk_blob_atomize(APK_BLOB_STR("noarch"));
apk_dep_from_pkg(&virtdep, db, virtpkg);>flags |= APK_NAME_TOPLEVEL;
virtpkg = apk_db_pkg_add(db, virtpkg);
......@@ -429,7 +429,7 @@ struct apk_package *apk_db_pkg_add(struct apk_database *db, struct apk_package *
if (pkg->license == NULL)
pkg->license = apk_blob_atomize(APK_BLOB_NULL);
if (pkg->arch == NULL)
pkg->arch = apk_blob_atomize(APK_BLOB_STR("noarch"));
pkg->arch = apk_blob_atomize(APK_BLOB_STR(APK_DEFAULT_ARCH));
idb = apk_hash_get(&db->available.packages, APK_BLOB_CSUM(pkg->csum));
if (idb == NULL) {
......@@ -1608,13 +1608,13 @@ int apk_db_add_repository(apk_database_t _db, apk_blob_t repository)
bs = apk_repo_file_open(repo, *db->arch, apkindex_tar_gz, buf, sizeof(buf));
if (bs == NULL) {
apk_warning("Failed to open index for %s", repo->url);
apk_warning("%s: index failed to open", buf);
return 0;
r = load_index(db, bs, targz, r);
if (r != 0)
apk_error("%s: Bad repository signature", repo->url);
apk_error("%s: BAD signature", buf);
return r;
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