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    audit, db: add etc/apk/protected_files.d and new audit features · ba3ee3f8
    Timo Teräs authored
    fixes #607.
    audit is now mostly rewritten for the new functionality. And
    has new features like --check-permissions, --recursive and
    $ROOT/etc/apk/protected_files.d/*.list can now contain additional
    protected paths, one path per line:
    + will include the directory as protected configuration directory.
    @ considers the directory protected, but will backup only symlinks.
    - removes any protection
    lbu should be modified to put include and exclude paths in
    etc/apk/protected_files.d/lbu.list. Additionally, some packages
    might provide their own listings.
    E.g. ssh might want to provide ssh.list with something like:
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