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    print: move progress bar update logic to apk_print_progress · adc5b0b1
    Natanael Copa authored
    - let the apk_print functions deal with the forced print itself. We
      avoid that the callbacks need to deal with the force flag. We can
      also get rid of the APK_PRINT_PROGRESS_* defines.
    - let the reader of --progress-fd decide how often things are updated
      rather than having a fixed granularity off 1/100 (percent)
    - avoid detect screen size and percent/bar calculations in case the
      --no-progress was given
    - track satistics for both the ascii bar and percent info and update bar
      only if either percent or bar changes. This makes the bar go smoother
      when width is wider than 100 chars and it makes the percent counter
      go smooth when screen width is less thann 100 chars. It also
      simplifies the callbacks as they no longer need to deal with update
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