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*/etc/apk/repositories* - list of package repositories


/etc/apk/repositories is the list of package repositories *apk*(8) uses to
retrieve package files for installation. Each line of this file specifies the
location of a package repository, and optionally a tag.

The location may be an _http://_, _https://_, or _ftp://_ URL, or the path to a
directory on the local filesystem. A tagged repository is prefixed with the
*@tag* specifier, followed by a space and the repository location. For more
information about repository tags, see *apk-world*(5).


Each repository must store an index at *$repository/$arch/APKINDEX.tar.gz*. See
*apk-index*(8) for information about generating this file. The packages
themselves are stored at *$repository/$arch/$pkgname-$pkgver-r$pkgrel.apk*.

*apk*(8) verifies that each of these files has a valid cryptographic signature
unless explicitly told not to via the *--allow-untrusted* flag. See
*abuild-keygen*(1) for information about generating keys, *apk-keys*(5) to add
keys to the list of trusted keys, *abuild-sign*(1) for information about using
these keys to sign files, and *apk-verify*(8) for information about verifying
those signatures.


*apk*(8) fetches and stores the index for each package repository at
/var/lib/cache. To fetch fresh indicies for all configured repositories, use


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