1. 12 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      setup-disk: install on disk on s390x · 50c34a98
      Tuan M. Hoang authored
      In z/VM environment
      ECKD DASDs need to be low-level formatted with dasdfmt and fdasd before
      use. These devices don't have partition ids.
      FBA DASDs are like normal disks - usable with sfdisk/fdisk - and have
      partition ids.
      Software raid and LVM on multiple devices are not supported at the
      moment. Users could install with LVM on single disk and extend logical
      volume to second disk.
      In KVM environment
      Virtual SCSI disks (virtio) are used which are like normal disks.
      Bootloader is zipl from s390-tools package.
      This commit introduces setup-dasd.in for DASD functions.