Commit fbe26c92 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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lbu: remove packages.list if exist

parent d555c2cd
......@@ -233,6 +233,12 @@ cmd_package() {
tmppkg="$tmpdir/$(basename $pkg)"
cd "${ROOT:-/}"
# remove old package.list
if [ -f etc/lbu/packages.list && -f var/lib/apk/world ]; then
echo "Note: Removing /etc/lbu/packages.list."
echo " /var/lib/apk/world will be used."
rm -f etc/lbu/packages.list
currentlist=$(apk audit --backup -q)
if [ -f var/lib/apk/world ]; then
currentlist="$currentlist var/lib/apk/world"
......@@ -391,10 +397,10 @@ cmd_commit() {
}' | xargs rm 2>/dev/null
# remove obsolete file. some older version of alpine needs this
# to be ble to upgrade
# to be able to upgrade
if [ -z "$DRYRUN" ] && [ -f $mnt/packages.list ]; then
echo "Note: Removing packages.list from $(basename $mnt)."
echo " $PACKAGES_LIST will be used."
echo " /var/lib/apk/world will be used."
rm -f $mnt/packages.list
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