Commit e244f655 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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setup-disk: disable 64bit ext4 on /boot

pv-grub does not support 64bit in ext4. We will likely never need a 16T
boot partition so let us just disable 64bit for /boot.

ref #6962
parent 6e81bdc5
...@@ -555,7 +555,10 @@ setup_boot_dev() { ...@@ -555,7 +555,10 @@ setup_boot_dev() {
--metadata=0.90 --quiet --run $@ $missing || return 1 --metadata=0.90 --quiet --run $@ $missing || return 1
bootdev=/dev/md0 bootdev=/dev/md0
fi fi
[ "$BOOTFS" = "btrfs" ] && mkfs_args="" case "$BOOTFS" in
btrfs) mkfs_args="";;
ext4) mkfs_args="$mkfs_args -O ^64bit";; # pv-grub does not support 64bit
mkfs.$BOOTFS $MKFS_OPTS_BOOT $mkfs_args $bootdev mkfs.$BOOTFS $MKFS_OPTS_BOOT $mkfs_args $bootdev
BOOT_DEV="$bootdev" BOOT_DEV="$bootdev"
} }
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