Commit c67ff255 authored by Jeff Bilyk's avatar Jeff Bilyk
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setup-bootable: rewrite apk cache section

parent 0bb9e139
......@@ -115,6 +115,10 @@ elif [ -b "$dest" ]; then
mount "$dest" "$destdir" || die "Failed to mount $dest on $destdir"
umounts="$umounts $destdir"
# Check for RO mounting
if [ "`grep \"$destdir\" /proc/mount | grep '(ro,'`"
[ -n "$verbose" ] && echo "Using $dest as target (mounted on $destdir)"
......@@ -213,21 +217,19 @@ done
# Update the cache folder on destdir if present
if [ -e "$destdir"/*.apkovl.tar.gz ] && [ -e "$destdir"/cache ]; then
apkovlfile="`ls ${destdir}/*.apkovl.tar.gz | head -n 1`"
#Get first file apk/world
worldfile="`tar tzf $apkovlfile | grep apk/world | head -n 1`"
apkstofetch="`cat $worldfile`"
mkdir "$destdir"/tmp.cache
# If repository update suceeds, fetch copy of all apks in world
apk update && apk fetch -R $apkstofetch -o "$destdir"/tmp.cache
mv /etc/apk/cache /etc/apk/cache.temp
ln -s "destdir"/tmp.cache/ /etc/apk/cache
mkdir "destdir"/cache.old
mv "$destdir"/cache/* "$destdir"/cache.old/
apk update
apk cache sync
# Copy apks to cache dir if verify passes, then re-index
apk verify "$destdir"/tmp.cache/*.apk && mv "$destdir"/tmp.cache/*.apk "$destdir"/cache/ && apk index -o "$destdir"/cache/APKINDEX.tar.gz "$destdir"/cache/*.apk
if [ "`ls ${destdir}/tmp.cache`" == "" ]; then
rm -rf "$destdir"/tmp.cache
mv "$destdir"/tmp.cache/* "$destdir"/cache/ && rm -rf "$destdir"/cache.old
rm -rf "$destdir"/tmp.cache
# cleanup
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