Commit c15da3bf authored by Jakub Skrzypnik's avatar Jakub Skrzypnik Committed by Natanael Copa
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setup-disk: add xfs support as boot_fs

parent be87a08b
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ find_mount_dev() {
supported_boot_fs() {
local supported="ext2 ext3 ext4 btrfs"
local supported="ext2 ext3 ext4 btrfs xfs"
local fs=
for fs in $supported; do
[ "$fs" = "$1" ] && return 0
......@@ -941,7 +941,7 @@ usage() {
If BOOTFS, ROOTFS, VARFS are specified, then format a partition with specified
filesystem. If not specified, the default filesystem is ext4.
Supported filesystems for
boot: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs
boot: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, xfs
root: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, xfs
var: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, xfs
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