Commit b007e51d authored by Roger Pau Monne's avatar Roger Pau Monne Committed by Natanael Copa
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setup-xen-dom0: update to upcoming 4.2

New version of Xen (4.2) doesn't require udev, so update the
script to reflect those changes. Also, only include a module
in /etc/modules if we can load it successfully.
parent 9a18a800
......@@ -3,26 +3,20 @@
# simple script to setup basic xen dom0
# kernel modules
for mod in xen_netback xen_blkback xenfs xen-platform-pci xen_wdt tun; do
modprobe $mod
grep -q -w $mod /etc/modules || echo $mod >> /etc/modules
for mod in xen_netback xen_blkback xenfs xen_pciback xen_wdt tun; do
if modprobe $mod; then
grep -q -w $mod /etc/modules || echo $mod >> /etc/modules
# install packages
apk add -q xen udev
apk add -q xen
# setup and start services
rc-update -q del mdev sysinit
rc-update -q add udev sysinit
for svc in udev-postmount xenstored xenconsoled; do
for svc in xenstored xenconsoled xenqemu; do
rc-update -q add $svc default
if ! rc-service -q udev status; then
rc-service udev start
rc-service udev-postmount start
rc-service xenstored start
rc-service xenconsoled start
rc-service xenqemu start
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