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README: rewrite since alpine-conf includes more than just LBU now

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Alpine Conf are a set of utilities for making backup of config files.
Alpine Conf are a set of utilities for making backup of config files and for setting up a new Alpine Linux computer.
* The concept
Specify the files you want to backup in a list, /etc/backuplist. You can add
or delete entries in this list with the utilities lbu_add and lbu_delete.
To actually prform the backup, use the utility lbu_commit. The files can be
"commited" (backed up) to either floppy or usb.
* Basic usage:
For example:
To add a file or folder to be backed up, lbu include /path/to/foo
To remove a file from being backed up, lbu exclude /path/to/foo
To setup LBU options, edit /etc/lbu/lbu.conf
To create a package as specified in lbu.conf, lbu commit
To override destination of the backup package, lbu package /path/to/bar.apkovl.tar.gz
lbu_add /etc/networking/interfaces
lbu_commit floppy
Setup scripts:
The main script is called setup-alpine, and it will perform basic system setup
Each script can be called independently, for example:
setup-acf Sets up ACF web interface
setup-ntp Sets up NTP service
To install, run:
make install
For further information, please see or
the Alpine Linux documentation wiki at
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