Commit ad5ae52f authored by Ted Trask's avatar Ted Trask

setup-apkrepos: add community repo to repositories file

parent 4f314bd6
......@@ -117,9 +117,11 @@ add_mirror() {
local mirror="$1"
mkdir -p "${APKREPOS_PATH%/*}"
echo "${mirror%/}/${release}/main" >> $APKREPOS_PATH
echo "#${mirror%/}/${release}/community" >> $APKREPOS_PATH
case "$release" in
echo "#${mirror%/}/edge/main" >> $APKREPOS_PATH;;
echo "#${mirror%/}/edge/community" >> $APKREPOS_PATH;;
echo "#${mirror%/}/edge/testing" >> $APKREPOS_PATH
echo "" >> $APKREPOS_PATH
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