Commit 687c4927 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa

setup-disk: have '?' to display help

And initial work for data-only disk support.
parent e9725347
...@@ -481,6 +481,55 @@ __EOF__ ...@@ -481,6 +481,55 @@ __EOF__
exit 1 exit 1
} }
rootdisk_help() {
cat <<__EOF__
The root disk is the disk where / (root) gets mounted. This is also the
boot disk. There will created a separate /boot partition on this disk.
Select 'none' if you want have / (root) in memory only, i.e diskless or
data-only disk.
datadisk_help() {
cat <<__EOF__
With a data-only disk you will boot from your current boot media (cdrom,
USB, CF etc) and run from memory only but have a disk where your data
gets stored. By default, there will be created a single lvm managed partition
where /var gets mounted.
Select 'none' if you want run completely disk-less.
# ask for a root or data disk
# returns answer in global variable $answer
ask_disk() {
local prompt="$1"
local help_func="$2"
shift 2
while ! in_list "$answer" $@ "none" "abort"; do
echo "Available disks are: $@"
echon "$prompt [$1] "
default_read answer $1
case "$answer" in
'abort') exit 0;;
'none') return 0;;
'?') $help_func;;
*) if ! [ -b "/dev/$answer" ]; then
echo "/dev/$answer is not a block device" >&2
case "$(uname -r)" in case "$(uname -r)" in
*-vs[0-9]*) KERNEL_FLAVOR=vserver;; *-vs[0-9]*) KERNEL_FLAVOR=vserver;;
...@@ -521,37 +570,19 @@ if [ $# -gt 0 ]; then ...@@ -521,37 +570,19 @@ if [ $# -gt 0 ]; then
done done
else else
set -- $disks ask_disk "Which one is the root disk? (or '?' for help or 'none')" \
rootdisk= rootdisk_help $disks
while ! in_list "$rootdisk" $disks "none" "abort"; do rootdisk=$answer
echo "Available disks are: $disks" rootdisk_dev=/dev/$answer
echon "Which one is the root disk? (or 'none' for tmpfs root) [$1] "
default_read rootdisk $1
case "$rootdisk" in
abort) exit 0;;
fi fi
#echon "Do you want use *all* of $rootdisk for Alpine? (y/n) [n] " # native disk install
#default_read useall "n" if [ "$rootdisk" != "none" ]; then
#case "$useall" in useall $rootdisk_dev
# [Yy]*) useall="yes";; exit $?
#if [ "x$useall" != "xyes" ]; then
# echo "Only 'use all' option is available at the moment. Sorry"
# exit 1
if [ "$rootdisk" = "none" ]; then
fi fi
rootdisk_dev=${rootdisk_dev:-"/dev/$rootdisk"} # data-only disk (hybrid) install
if ! [ -b "$rootdisk_dev" ]; then #ask_disk "Which one is the data-only disk? (or '?' for help or 'none')" \
echo "$rootdisk_dev is not a block device" >&2 # datadisk_help $disks
exit 1
useall $rootdisk_dev
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