Commit 5ceeeef2 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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setup-disk: fix location for mkinitfs features

parent bf0bdfc9
......@@ -263,11 +263,11 @@ install_mounted_root() {
# generate mkinitfs.conf
mkdir -p "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/files.d
mkdir -p "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/features.d
echo "features=\"$initfs_features\"" > "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf
if [ -n "$raidmod" ]; then
echo "/sbin/mdadm" > "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/files.d/raid
echo "/etc/mdadm.conf" >> "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/files.d/raid
echo "/sbin/mdadm" > "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/features.d/raid.files
echo "/etc/mdadm.conf" >> "$mnt"/etc/mkinitfs/features.d/raid.files
# generate update-extlinux.conf
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