Commit 52bbb477 authored by Valery Kartel's avatar Valery Kartel Committed by Natanael Copa
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setup-disk: fix filesystem creation and help text

parent b60397f8
......@@ -436,16 +436,17 @@ stop_all_raid() {
# install needed programs
init_progs() {
local raidpkg=
local raidpkg= fs= fstools="e2fsprogs"
[ -n "$USE_RAID" ] && raidpkg="mdadm"
case $ROOTFS in
ext*) fstools=e2fsprogs; mkfs_args="-q";;
xfs) fstools=xfsprogs; mkfs_args="-q";;
# we need load btrfs module early to avoid the error message:
# 'failed to open /dev/btrfs-control'
btrfs) fstools=btrfs-progs; mkfs_args=""; modprobe btrfs;;
apk add --quiet sfdisk e2fsprogs lvm2 $raidpkg syslinux $fstools $@
for fs in $BOOTFS $ROOTFS $VARFS; do
case $fs in
xfs) fstools="$fstools xfsprogs"; modprobe xfs;;
# we need load btrfs module early to avoid the error message:
# 'failed to open /dev/btrfs-control'
btrfs) fstools="$fstools btrfs-progs"; modprobe btrfs;;
apk add --quiet sfdisk lvm2 $raidpkg syslinux $fstools $@
show_disk_info() {
......@@ -522,7 +523,7 @@ find_lvm_partition() {
# set up optional raid and create filesystem on boot device.
setup_boot_dev() {
local disk= bootdev=
local disk= bootdev= mkfs_args="-q"
local part=$(for disk in $@; do find_boot_partition $disk; done)
set -- $part
......@@ -540,7 +541,8 @@ setup_boot_dev() {
--metadata=0.90 --quiet --run $@ $missing || return 1
mkfs.$BOOTFS -q $bootdev
[ "$BOOTFS" == "btrfs" ] && mkfs_args=""
mkfs.$BOOTFS $mkfs_args $bootdev
......@@ -730,7 +732,8 @@ data_only_disk_install() {
# setup
setup_root() {
local root_dev="$1" boot_dev="$2"
local root_dev="$1" boot_dev="$2" mkfs_args="-q"
[ "$ROOTFS" == "btrfs" ] && mkfs_args=""
mkfs.$ROOTFS $mkfs_args "$root_dev"
mkdir -p "$SYSROOT"
mount -t $ROOTFS $root_dev "$SYSROOT" || return 1
......@@ -917,6 +920,12 @@ options:
-s Use SWAPSIZE MB instead of autodetecting swap size (Use 0 to disable swap)
-v Be more verbose about what is happening
If BOOTFS, ROOTFS, VARFS are specified, then format a partition with specified
filesystem. If not specified, the default filesystem is ext4.
Supported filesystems for
boot: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs
root: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, xfs
var: ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, xfs
exit 1
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