Commit 30e6933e authored by Alex Xu (Hello71)'s avatar Alex Xu (Hello71) Committed by Natanael Copa

update-kernel: use -nopad -Xbcj for modloop

reduces x86 modloop size by about 38k. -all-time 0 reduces by 300 bytes
more, but probably more confusing than it's worth
parent aa2389e5
......@@ -317,7 +317,13 @@ if [ -e "$ROOT"/lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/bluetooth/btbcm.ko ]; then
mksquashfs $MODLOOP "$STAGING/$MODIMG" -comp xz -exit-on-error
case $ARCH in
armhf) mksfs="-Xbcj arm" ;;
armv7|aarch64) mksfs="-Xbcj arm,armthumb" ;;
x86|x86_64) mksfs="-Xbcj x86" ;;
*) mksfs=
mksquashfs $MODLOOP "$STAGING/$MODIMG" -comp xz -exit-on-error -nopad $mksfs
if [ -n "$MODLOOPSIGN" ]; then
sign_modloop "$STAGING/$MODIMG"
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