Commit 1bc96893 authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs Committed by Natanael Copa

update-kernel: fallback to old dtbdir if new one does not exist

This allows running update-kernel on new alpine and to create
images from stable branch by overriding repository files.

Fixes: 3fd2ce43 "update-kernel: fix dtbs dir"
parent 5d90f33f
......@@ -265,6 +265,7 @@ KVER_FLAVOR=
[ "$FLAVOR" = vanilla ] || KVER_FLAVOR=-$FLAVOR
KVER=$(basename $(ls -d $ROOT/lib/modules/*"$KVER_FLAVOR"))
[ -d "$DTBDIR" ] || DTBDIR=$ROOT/usr/lib/linux-$KVER
depmod -b $ROOT "$KVER"
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