Commit 0abfcd4c authored by Philippe Guilbault's avatar Philippe Guilbault Committed by Natanael Copa
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Removed obsolete code

parent 07af120c
......@@ -635,10 +635,7 @@ cmd_status() {
unpack_apkovl "$tmp/a"
# generate new apkovl and extract to tmpdir/b
local save_encryption="$ENCRYPTION"
cmd_package - | tar -C "$tmp/b" -zx
# show files that exists in a but not in b as deleted
local f
......@@ -687,7 +684,6 @@ cmd_diff() {
init_tmpdir tmp
mkdir -p "$tmpdir/a" "$tmp/b"
unpack_apkovl "$tmp/a"
cmd_package - | tar -C "$tmp/b" -zx
if diff --help 2>&1 | grep -q -- --no-dereference; then
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