Commit beb1b410 authored by Pete Dietl's avatar Pete Dietl Committed by Natanael Copa fixup flags and usage text

parent e476188c
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ cleanup() {
pkgdir) msg "Cleaning up pkgdir"; rm -rf "$pkgbasedir";;
srcdir) msg "Cleaning up srcdir"; cleanup_srcdir;;
if [ -z "$install_after" ] && [ -n "$uninstall_after" ]; then
if [ -n "$uninstall_after" ]; then
msg "Uninstalling dependencies..."
......@@ -2509,7 +2509,6 @@ usage() {
-f Force specified cmd (skip checks: apk up to date, arch, libc)
-F Force run as root
-h Show this help
-i Install PKG after successful build
-k Keep built packages, even if APKBUILD or sources are newer
-K Keep buildtime temp dirs and files (srcdir/pkgdir/deps)
-m Disable colors (monochrome)
......@@ -2557,7 +2556,7 @@ usage() {
unset force
unset recursive
while getopts "AcdD:fFhkKimnp:P:qrRs:uv" opt; do
while getopts ":AcdD:fFhkKmnP:qrRs:uv" opt; do
case $opt in
'A') echo "$CARCH"; exit 0;;
'c') enable_colors
......@@ -2580,6 +2579,7 @@ while getopts "AcdD:fFhkKimnp:P:qrRs:uv" opt; do
'u') upgrade="-u"
'v') set -x;;
'?') die "Unrecognized option: $OPTARG";;
shift $(( $OPTIND - 1 ))
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