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      abump: fix set -e issue · e1d629b6
      Natanael Copa authored
      It appears that when the subshell has a ||, the 'set -e' within
      subshell gets invalidated.
      This will work as expected:
       ( set -e; false; echo "should not get here" )
      While this will not work as expected:
       ( set -e; false; echo "should not get here" ) || false
      We resolve it by using $? to detect the status of subshell. We also let
      the exitcode indicate how many packages that failed.
      While here we also refactor it so most of the loop happens within the
      subshell. This lets us set (or increase) rc variable once, and it
      reduces number of forks which gives slightly better performance.
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      Revert "abump: verify APKBUILD's version" · 5021e13f
      Natanael Copa authored
      We actually want be able to re-run abump without needing reset the
      pkgver in case we had to fix things.
      This reverts commit 8198ded8.
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