Commit fd02387c authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

abuild: fix cross compilation undeps()

"apk del" now returns error if the package name does not exist.
Thus when cross compiling, always install the virtual
.makedepends-$pkgname name for chroot also since undeps() will
try to uninstall it always.
parent 4bfb5c8f
......@@ -1812,7 +1812,7 @@ builddeps() {
--simulate --quiet $builddeps || return 1
$SUDO_APK add --repository "$abuildrepo" $apk_opt_wait \
--virtual .makedepends-$pkgname $builddeps || return 1
if [ -n "$hostdeps" ]; then
if cross_compiling; then
$SUDO_APK add --root "$CBUILDROOT" --repository "$abuildrepo" $apk_opt_wait \
--simulate --quiet $hostdeps || return 1
$SUDO_APK add --root "$CBUILDROOT" --repository "$abuildrepo" $apk_opt_wait \
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