Commit f7b19c34 authored by Ariadne Conill's avatar Ariadne Conill 🐰
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abuild: rootbld: run testsuites if requested, also handle package() only builds

parent 3225884e
...@@ -2074,8 +2074,18 @@ checksum() { ...@@ -2074,8 +2074,18 @@ checksum() {
} }
rootbld_actions() { rootbld_actions() {
local part local part _build=build _check=check_fakeroot
for part in symlinksrc unpack prepare build rootpkg; do if ! is_function package; then
# if package() is missing then build is called from rootpkg
if options_has "!checkroot"; then
if ! want_check; then
for part in symlinksrc unpack prepare $_build $_check rootpkg; do
runpart $part runpart $part
done done
} }
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