Commit e0e6ee0d authored by Timothy Legge's avatar Timothy Legge Committed by Natanael Copa
Browse files prevent inserting extra new line before checksum on upgrade

parent fbd28a76
......@@ -622,6 +622,10 @@ given ( $ARGV[0] ) {
$text =~ s/^pkgver=(.*)$/pkgver=$pkgver/mg or
die "Can't find pkgver line in APKBUILD";
$text =~ s/^pkgrel=(.*)$/pkgrel=0/mg;
#FIXME: review whether this works over time
# It deletes the blank line before the checksum
# So prepare_tree does not insert extra blank line
$text =~ s/\n^(.*sums=.*\n)/$1/mg;
open my $fh, '>', "APKBUILD" or die;
say $fh $text;
close $fh;
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