Commit d9b6e4ec authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa

initram: wait for usbdisk to settle

parent 1e3647e7
......@@ -198,6 +198,13 @@ eend 0
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs $NEWROOT
# look for apkovl
if dmesg | grep '^usb-storage: waiting' >/dev/null; then
ebegin "Waiting for USB device to settle"
while ! dmesg | grep 'usb-storage: device scan complete' >/dev/null; do
sleep 1
eend 0
for i in usb floppy cdrom; do
mount /media/$i 2>/dev/null || continue
ovl=$(find_ovl /media/$i)
......@@ -212,7 +219,7 @@ if [ -f "$ovl" ]; then
ebegin "Loading user settings from $ovl"
tar -C $NEWROOT -zxf "$ovl"
eend $?
umount /media/$i 2>/dev/null
umount /media/$i 2>/dev/null &
pkgs=$(sed 's/\#.*//' $NEWROOT/etc/lbu/packages.list 2>/dev/null)
......@@ -255,9 +262,9 @@ cat /proc/mounts | while read DEV DIR TYPE OPTS ; do
mount -o move $DIR $NEWROOT/$DIR
ln -sf /.modloop/modules $NEWROOT/lib/modules
ln -sf /.modloop/modules $NEWROOT/lib/modules
echo ""
if [ -x $NEWROOT/sbin/init ]; then
exec /bin/busybox switch_root $NEWROOT $chart_init /sbin/init $KOPT_init_args
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