Commit d1ab7ed4 authored by Michael Zuo's avatar Michael Zuo Committed by Timo Teräs
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newapkbuild: remove default prepare()

Do not add prepare() to new APKBUILDs in the future, as this
functionality is superseded by the addition of the default prepare
patcher in abuild.
parent 251dce53
......@@ -224,21 +224,6 @@ __EOF__
# Create the prepare() template
cat >>APKBUILD<<__EOF__
prepare() {
local i
cd "\$_builddir"
for i in \$source; do
case \$i in
*.patch) msg \$i; patch -p1 -i "\$srcdir"/\$i || return 1;;
# Create build() function
cat >>APKBUILD<<__EOF__
build() {
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