Commit cf18bf6e authored by Kaarle Ritvanen's avatar Kaarle Ritvanen

abuild: rootbld: make mkusers work

parent ee52fee1
......@@ -2023,6 +2023,8 @@ rootbld() {
msg "Preparing build chroot..."
BUILD_ROOT=$(mktemp -d /var/tmp/abuild.XXXXXXXXXX)
local aportsgit=${APORTSDIR:-${startdir}}
......@@ -2033,7 +2035,7 @@ rootbld() {
"$BUILD_ROOT/usr/bin" "$pkgbasedir" "$REPODEST" \
cp /etc/abuild.conf "$BUILD_ROOT/etc"
cp /etc/abuild.conf /etc/group /etc/passwd "$BUILD_ROOT/etc"
cp /etc/apk/keys/* "$BUILD_ROOT/etc/apk/keys"
local repo_template=$aportsgit/$repo/.rootbld-repositories
......@@ -2080,7 +2082,7 @@ rootbld() {
--hostname "build-edge-$CARCH" \
--chdir "$startdir" \
--setenv PATH /bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin \
/usr/bin/abuild $force symlinksrc unpack prepare mkusers build rootpkg
/usr/bin/abuild $force symlinksrc unpack prepare build rootpkg
cleanup $CLEANUP
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