Commit c57a9070 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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abuild: dont add .so files with mismatching soname version

Skip .so files without version number in filename when soname has
version number.

This solves issue with libgcj/gcc-java who ships both and which both has soname
parent d15a37b2
......@@ -952,17 +952,29 @@ scan_shared_objects() {
# lets tell all the .so files this package provides in .provides-so
scanelf --nobanner --soname "$@" | while read etype soname file; do
# if soname field is missing, soname will be the filepath
# we only want shared libs
case $soname in
if [ -z "$file" ]; then
case "$file" in
*.so.[0-9]*) sover=${file##*.so.};;
# we only want shared libs
case $soname in
*) continue;;
case "$file" in
*.so.[0-9]*) sover=${file##*.so.};;
# filter out sonames with version when file does not
# have version
case "$soname" in
*.so.[0-9]*) continue;;
echo "$soname $sover"
echo "$soname $sover"
done > "$controldir"/.provides-so
# now find the so dependencies
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