Commit bf13a7c6 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
Browse files use /dev/usbdisk rather than /dev/sda1 for usb images

The sda1 might be a sata or scsi harddisk so usb image might be sdb1 or sdc1.
The /dev/usbdisk link will always point to the first usb disk.
parent e83cfd6c
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ $(SYSLINUX_CFG):
@echo "default $(KERNEL_NAME)" >>$@
@echo "label $(KERNEL_NAME)" >>$@
@echo " kernel /boot/$(KERNEL_NAME)" >>$@
@echo " append initrd=/boot/$(KERNEL_NAME).gz alpine_dev=sda1:vfat modules=sd-mod,usb-storage quiet" >>$@
@echo " append initrd=/boot/$(KERNEL_NAME).gz alpine_dev=usbdisk:vfat modules=sd-mod,usb-storage quiet" >>$@
ISO_REPOS := $(addprefix $(ISO_PKGDIR)/,$(REPOS))
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