Commit b67dec21 authored by Christian Kampka's avatar Christian Kampka Committed by Natanael Copa

abuild: avoid division by zero when input is zero for calculating human size for packages

This occurs when building meta packages that do not have any package content.
parent 62853e71
......@@ -1253,7 +1253,7 @@ scan_pkgconfig_depends() {
# read size in bytes from stdin and show as human readable
human_size() {
awk '{ split("B KB MB GB TB PB", type)
for(i=5; y < 1; i--)
for(i=5; y < 1 && $1 > 0; i--)
y = $1 / (2**(10*i))
printf("%.1f %s\n", y, type[i+2]) }'
......@@ -2209,4 +2209,3 @@ for i in $install_after; do
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