Commit b3dcf19e authored by Richard Mortier's avatar Richard Mortier Committed by Natanael Copa

make: add `depends` target

Signed-off-by: Richard Mortier's avatarRichard Mortier <>
parent c486b3b4
PACKAGE := abuild
VERSION := 3.4.0
......@@ -120,6 +119,9 @@ install: $(USR_BIN_FILES) $(SAMPLES) abuild.conf
cp $(AUTOTOOLS_TOOLCHAIN_FILES) $(DESTDIR)/$(prefix)/share/abuild/
cp $(DESTDIR)/$(sharedir)/
depends depend:
sudo apk --no-cache add -U openssl-dev zlib-dev
.gitignore: Makefile
echo "*.tar.bz2" > $@
for i in $(USR_BIN_FILES); do\
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