Commit 8946d01e authored by Paul Lorenz's avatar Paul Lorenz Committed by Natanael Copa

Fix src builds

Fix filename_from_uri call
Ensure remote sources are fetched
Include remote sources in source package
Include pre/post scripts
Include trigger scripts
parent 90899669
......@@ -1596,13 +1596,31 @@ rootpkg() {
srcpkg() {
echo "Ensuring source is fetched"
getpkgver || return 1
local p="$pkgname-$pkgver-$pkgrel"
local prefix="${startdir##*/}"
local i files="$prefix/APKBUILD"
for i in $source; do
files="$files $prefix/$(filename_from uri $i)"
echo "Packaging source file: $i"
if [ ! -e $(filename_from_uri $i) ]; then
cp $srcdir/$(filename_from_uri $i) $(filename_from_uri $i)
files="$files $prefix/$(filename_from_uri $i)"
for i in $install; do
echo "Packaging install file: $i"
files="$files $prefix/$i"
for i in $triggers; do
local f=${i%=*}
echo "Packaging trigger file: $f"
files="$files $prefix/$f"
mkdir -p "$PKGDEST"
msg "Creating source package $p.src.tar.gz..."
(cd .. && tar -zcf "$PKGDEST/$p.src.tar.gz" $files)
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