Commit 84d7b769 authored by donoban's avatar donoban Committed by Kaarle Ritvanen
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rootbld: run mkusers inside the chroot and don't affect host users

parent 681ef9df
......@@ -2362,7 +2362,7 @@ rootbld_actions() {
if ! want_check; then
for part in symlinksrc unpack prepare build $_check rootpkg; do
for part in symlinksrc unpack prepare mkusers build $_check rootpkg; do
runpart $part
......@@ -2395,8 +2395,6 @@ rootbld() {
msg "Preparing build chroot..."
BUILD_ROOT=$(mktemp -d /var/tmp/abuild.XXXXXXXXXX)
mkdir -p "$BUILD_ROOT/proc" "$BUILD_ROOT/etc/apk/keys" \
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